Petroleum Trading

Petroleum Trading

Every day, millions of companies and individuals use oil and gas to commute, work, heat homes and offices and perform many other activities. IPPS Group through its subsidiary IPPS Energy Environment Solutions (IPPS EES), an independent energy trading company, buy and sell this oil and gas worldwide. Having consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining, and financing our team is working to maximize the value of the products, secure supply and transport energy to consumer hubs, all while managing the related financial and logistical risks.

Trading Petroleum Products

  • Aviation Fuel
  • EN590 Diesel (ULSD)
  • Fuel Oil
  • D2 Gas Oil
  • D6 Diesel Bunker Fuel
  • Bitumen (Asphalt)

We are committed to serving all our customers in accessing affordable, consistent, and quality energy solutions. Our main businesses are trade, storage, distribution of petroleum products, power production. Our team consists of skilled and qualified people positioned strategically in each country where we operate. Our aim is to offer total customer satisfaction, a goal that not only requires the best products and services but also to use the best technologies and procedures. With this vision, as our motivation we seek to strengthen the foundations of our business while creating an added value to contribute positively to our communities.

In recent years the company, part of its continued expansion, development and following its commitment to diversify from Oil and Gas sector, recently updated its investment policy to bring it in line with the Group’s strategy to focus more on lower Carbon Energy trading and diversification into the Renewable Energy sector. For that reason, the company is investing and financing the construction of large scale Renewable and Battery Energy storage projects as well as Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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