Environmental Green Solutions

Environmental Green Solutions

IPPS Limited is committed to leading the Marine / Shipping and Onshore industries in minimising the impact on the environment.
IPPS Environmental Green Solutions

Environmental Applications Marine / Shipping

IPPS has a well-proven process that has been successfully applied to complete turnkey EGS and Ballast water and emissions control solutions and systems all over the world.

Solutions and services offered include but not limited to:

Ballast water treatment system turnkey retrofits
Exhaust gas scrubber turnkey retrofits and installations
LSGO cooler retrofits and installations
System commissioning
Waste treatment system commissioning
Piping/system renewal
3D laser scanning Benefits of the IPPS Green Technologies process
System modeling provides increased confidence in investment decision without the need to purchase system
Phased investment approach possible (proof of concept models, detailed design, full system installation)
Reduction/elimination in vessel downtime due to precision of design and prefabrication
Limited onboard work and interruption • Reduced design costs on sister vessels

Environmental Applications Land

Turnkey fabrication/installation of Waste Energy Recovery Unit (WERS)
Turnkey fabrication/installation of Wind Turbines
Turnkey installation of industrial Solar Panels
Fabrication and turnkey installation of Waste to Energy Boilers