Meat / Livestock Trading

Meat / Livestock Trading

IPPS Group through its subsidiary TPG ADVISORY PRACTICE SRL, is specialized in frozen meat / carcass business as well as livestock trade. We buy and sell beef, pork, poultry, lamp internationally. We collaborate only with reliable manufacturers that produce high quality products and abide by the highest requirements of international certification. Wherever necessary Halal Certification is provided as well. We keep our entire commercial process in our own hands, ensuring us full control in every step of the process.

Trading Meat Products

  • Beef, we work hard to provide the highest quality beef products, focusing on quality and taste utilizing our network of trusted suppliers and meat processors. We trade / offer a wide range of beef products and cater for all preferences. We monitor every step of the process, and we make sure that all of our suppliers are holding recognized and up to date certificates.
  • Pork, we work with leading producers of fresh pork with years of industry expertise alongside a deep understanding of the entire supply chain. Whatever the requirement (i.e. skins, feet, loin, hocks, ears) our sales team can assist you with.
  • Lamp, is soft and rich in protein we can source you a whole, half, or quarter lamb, lamb chops etc. We mainly collaborate with farms located in Romania and have direct agreements with local slaughterhouses. The quality of our Lamb meat products is guaranteed. We work only with farmers / farms with the highest standards and continuously look after quality assurance.
  • Chicken, we provide premium grade chicken fillets and other chicken products. Our product range includes 2-joint wings, 3-joint wings, Breasts, Drumsticks, Feet, Grillers and broilers, Hearts, Leg quarters, Legs, Lowerbacks, Mid-joint wings, Paws and more.

Trading Livestock

Despite the continuous changing and challenging market of livestock, we can be considered a reliable partner of lamb and sheep purchasing. We purchase animals at competitive and fair market prices. We are always looking to add new breeders to our group and our representatives are beside our existing and potential suppliers throughout the year. Our main objective and obligation dealing with livestock trade sector is the animal welfare considerations at any given moment.